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Q. How long is the cup durable?

A. MINA lasts for up to 5 years. When inserted into the vagina, she lasts for 6-8 hours and sometimes longer, depending on one’s menstrual flow.

Q. Can the cup sustain a heavy menstrual flow?

A. Yes, this just means you’ll have to monitor your flow more regularly than others, ie after every 3-4 hours or you could use the Regular size Mina for heavy flow.

Q. Where can I buy MINA?

A. MINA is available at our online shop and in selected stores.

Q. Can I use MINA as a contraceptive?

A. No, MINA is purely a menstrual cup that collects fluid.

Q. Will the menstrual fluid leak if I use the cup?

A. MINA is leakage free. MINA will leak only if she is not inserted correctly. Remember MINA needs to pop open when inserted in order to prevent leaks.

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